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Scavego Interactive Games is quarantine born. Created by PushPins Media, a festival production company whose projects came to a screeching halt in March of 2020 due to the pandemic. Not knowing when large gatherings would be permitted once again, or if guests would even come back, a decision had to be made. There were only two options. One, ride it out for an unforeseen amount of time. Two, adapt. The latter was the choice.

Scavenger hunts are not new by any means. Although, we felt they were the best way to still bring smiles to the masses and, more importantly, allow participants to maintain a safe social distance. Another factor, considering many are currently struggling financially, giving away $10,000 will be very beneficial during these trying times. As the founders have an extensive background in volunteering and helping those in need has become second nature, they knew bringing Scavego Interactive Games to life was something that had to happen.

With a timeline for 2021 that will bring hunts to the top cities in the nation, the Scavego Team is looking forward to the future we created, as to waiting for the future to dictate it.

Experience life. You go. We go. Scavego.

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